Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Mawaride Oil and Gas indulges in transporting oil to various parts of the GCC as well as to countries outside the GCC. It was established in 2002. The primary method of transporting oil is through the use of oil tankers. It is basically in charge of Import / Export / Trading in Petroleum Sold & Liquid Gaseous, Oil & Gas Related Services, and Sea Transport of Oil & Petroleum Products. Mawaride Oil and Gas is an environmental friendly. Hence it is heavily regulated by the United Nations, because transporting oil is very dangerous for the wildlife in oceans and seas. Oil trading is important part of interactions between countries, however, Transporting oil is dangerous for wildlife. Mawaride Oil and Gas will keep its relation with important counties as well as care for the environment. Mawaride Oil and Gas services main goal it too keep its business going in regards with a safe clean environment. One of the most important aspects of the relationship between Mawaride Oil and gas oil and the United Nations is the fact that United Nations Development Program looks into each and every aspect of chemical management in different countries.