Minerals & Rough Diamonds

Mawaride Minerals has built it's reputation in the mineral industry for over twenty years. Having great connections with African countries, Yemen, and other countries enable Mawaride's team to select from an impressive inventory to assure client’s satisfaction. Our gemstones and mineral specimens are among the finest in the world. We have sold pieces to most famous jewelers. Mawaride Minerals are widely recognized and accepted as a symbol of quality by both local and foreign clients. The exquisite customer service we offer makes Mawaride Minerals your number one source for colored stones and minerals.

Buying and Selling Rough Diamonds

Diamonds are forever. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Diamonds never leave you... men do. A privately owned business, Mawaride Rough Diamonds - buying and selling has been at the forefront of the diamond industry for over 20 years.

A pioneering, dynamic rough diamond trading company is known for technical prowess, and craftsmanship when cutting and polishing rough diamonds; specializing in rare, large and colored stones. Our enviable operational scale, consistency of supply, reputation for production excellence, exceptional service and all round focus on quality affirm.