About Us

When the Chairman started his business of Mawaride Group, his vision was a combination of traditional and international operations. He created a vast rage of companies that can serve each other and the community as well. He set his goals to achieve success by keeping the customer, community, environment and safety as a priority.

Hence, The Chairman took measures to implement safety into the environment in order to protect the wildlife. He also wanted to help eradicate poverty, and therefore entered collaboration with the UN, which would help solve problems related to poverty.

Mawaride Group has its presence for more than 30 years with 39 branches worldwide such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, India and others. The core activities includes contracting, electromechanical, real estate and development, general trading, oil and gas, oil pipe manufacturing, oil derivatives, petrochemical, medical equipment, minerals, buying and selling rough diamonds, and consumer equipment.